It Starts Again…

The Lovely Savages Monaghan's on the Hill Saturday, April 4 2015

Come on out and see what we done


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And Bubbles Came Up From The Sea… The Oakland Adventure.

Hello Gentlepeople,

The proverbial eagle has metaphorically landed in a mythical realm that happens to exist in a place called Oak Land. Though we usually shorten it to Oak’land or, my preference, Oakland. It’s Oaklandtageous. We’re fully on Oaklafied.

It’s been an interesting and dramatic 18 months. It would be like some kind of cautionary tail with all the turds and splices. But life is good, and music rules. So it should come as no surprise that it’s time to rock again.

And that brings news.

I’ve been jamming with a very cool drummer and dude named Bradly Blemker. Brad’s got an old school surfer drawl and a jump up and move around, slurry, pouncy, roof riding drum style. We’ve been chillin at a cramped, but actually kind of sweet sounding practice cave down in East Oakland, and damnableness if there isn’t a nice chunk of songs starting to jell.

The recording gear is set up, and we’re steaming out practice tapes and starching up jams nice and crisp.  Shant be long now my love. In the meantime, we’re going to use our glimmer charmin to trick a local establishment into letting us rock out in public for a while.  I’ll be getting back to you on that.


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Yes, it changed from ‘2’ to ‘Two’. That was an arbitrary change that nobody is sure when or why happened. This is unimportant. Details. The important part is this…

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The Birth of 2

Yeah.  Here we go!  We’re having us a summuh! and a blast it has been so far, playing more places, meeting more kick ass people, purveying more of our steamy, freaked out brand of rock and roll.  Here’s what we’ve got going on deck:

  • First and foremost…. We will have our first batch of our debut CD by August!  This little bastard is entitled “2”.  Oh man this has been a long time coming and if feels good.  This thing is pretty much as DIY as you can possibly get without buying a CD manufacturing facility – which is why it took so damn long finish.  It’s got more warts and pocks and chunks and bumps than all the inbred offspring of Quasimodo – but for all it’s flaws it has come together as a thing of savage beauty.  Nobody will confuse 2 for a slickly produced product of the corporate machine.  But when it steps out on that floor it’s all business, it’s business is rock and business is Good!  We hope you enjoy it!
  • Spreading our wings.  We’ve been lining up gigs at more places in our general area and through networking and general pestering, the schedule will include our first forays up and down the west coast.  Look for gigs in Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Redding, and whatever else we can come up with in between.  This is immensely exciting for us and what we’ve been working toward for the last year.
  • More rock.  We’ve got a whole whomp of songs that aren’t on the CD.  For now you’ll just have to come see us live if you want that goodness in your ear holes.

Ok, good people.  Now go out and rock!

– The Lovely Savages, July 2013

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Lets Take This Party On The Road Shall We?

Large stack of speakersGreetings and welcome to the waining days of another pacific northwest wet-assed winter.
The gents are stoked because a) they finally have a van to take their rock juggernaught to the world! and b) they’re a hop and a skip from finishing their first non-homemade CD!  In the meantime, for a sneak preview check out the 45rpms up  (Shhh! Those 45s come with a bunch of secret bonus material.)

But wait! There is even more great stuff coming down the pipe…

More shows at our beloved Johnny B’s in Medford – the ONLY real rock & roll dive bar in southern Oregon. The last few shows at Johnny’s have been fucking superb: great crowds and kick-ass bands to share the stage with – and of course our favorite duo are killing their set every time.

Now that long distance transportation is in hand, work on weaseling into some of the regional summer festivals has commenced.  At least one looks quite promising and you can count on multiple changes of undies if it happens. On the club shows front, look for The Lovely Savages coming to Eugene, Portland, NorCal, and the coast this spring and summer.

Ok, mufukers. That’s the fact jack! As always stay Lovely yet Savage! Oh! And if you’ve got a line on a show for us, please do not hesitate to contact at


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Lock Up Your Mothers – The Lovely Savages Are Loose (wait.. what?)

View from the ribbon

Hey hey hey!

Lots of great shit on sliding down this side of the horizon.  The bosy have been recording their Lovely and Savage asses off, and they’re getting close enough to taste the rock bombasticity that will pour forth from their debut record.  In fact, keep your nose to the street people.  Cuz we’ll be dropping the first track next week…

TammyX3 (Oh!)

That’s right, that’s what the first jam is called.  Isn’t that a fucked up name?  Well, let me tell you, it’s a booty shaker!  The final mix touches are going down as we speak, and it’s headed to mastering this weekend.

Then you know what happens?  Well first you download it, then you involuntarily wet  your pants, then… the following week we drop another cut from the new record… Then you wet your pants again!  Fun!   We think that 2nd cut is going to be a tune called Country Singer, but don’t hold me to that.  There are a few in the running and the boys could change their mind.

The Lovely Savages Rock Local!

The gents played at Dorman’s, a favorite local watering hole a few weeks ago, and people loved them!  There was actually a pretty decent crowd considering it was 105 degrees out!  Just goes to show what people will put up with for bad-ass rock and roll.

Well, Dorman’s has changed hands and been renamed Phatty McGee’s.  But the good news is that the folks at Phatty’s were excited to have the guys come back!  So…  The Lovely Savages will be hosting the Jamland open mic on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  This is a blast because the guys get to throw down, and anybody who shows up with their axe, sticks, voice, can get up and do their thing too.  The last one was so much fun!  People were getting up and playing some really awesome stuff, and at the end we had a big blues jam.  Of course our fellas don’t really know how to play slow, so it was more of a roadhouse, running down the road, gonna see my girl, kind of thing.

Ok, that’s a wrap for now.  Keep it real!

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Whoops We Did It Again

Did we not once promise more free music?  Yes, yes we did.  This one is another live like confection that we think really makes it!  Please good people, do not hesitate to take this offering and rock the fuck out!


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Bucket Of Bites – Purple Onion 66 Mix – BOOM!

Time Travel Snafu Yields Solid Rock Jam

So check this out.  The other night at rehearsal the guys were in the midst of some most righteous jamz and a damned vortex opened up in the floor and they fell in!  What happened next is a bit hazy but somehow they ended up doing an impromptu performance at the Purple Onion…  in 1966!

Yeah.  It was crazy alright.  But what’s crazier is that, as usual, Spanky had his handheld recording device on his person when the shit went down.  You can actually hear the space-time distortions on the recording.  It was such a blast, that they invoked the bad magics again to go back and film the video – which we now present for your enjoyment!

Bucket Of Bites – Purple Onion 66 Mix

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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We’re Back – And This Time It’s Personal

Greetings and Salutations you savage rock and roll beasties.  Damn, things have been happening in our lovely world, but you wouldn’t know it by the dust gathering around here.  Well, lets rectify that shall we?


Some of you may have caught wind of this, but most of you probably have not so here’s the skinny:

As the contortionist folds himself in half backwards, so do The Lovely Savages

As the contortionist folds himself in half backwards, so do The Lovely Savages

The Lovely Savages have been undergoing a metamorphosis  – as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, as the lizard and snake shed their dry skin to expose shiny new scales, as the birds molt and dawn new feathers so that they may impress the ladies – so has The Lovely Savages.

Except possibly in reverse.

What the hell am I blathering about?  I’ll tell you what I’m blathering about.. man.

In the tradition of many a fine rock outfit, the band is now a duo consisting of the infamous Spanky Beaupeep on voice and guitar and Sir Robert Pehowic on the drums.


The sound of this lean, bad machine is pure, 100% rock and roll with all the kick and bite you’ve come to expect.  Oh, I see how it is.  You don’t believe me.  I can see the skeptical furrow of your moist brow.  Well then.  I guess we’ll just have to prove it to you.

Well, the guys are pretty guarded about their machinations.  But, I know of a rehearsal track that is, frankly, pretty bad ass.  This puppy is going to be a collectable bootleg because I know that once they start pumping out the studio recordings they’ll make me take it down for good.

I will have to smuggle the track out of Lando Frock.  I will deliver the contraband recording within the next week, so, you loveliest of savages…

Stay Tuned!

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Dicing Riffs Like A Rock And Roll Ginsu


Get Your Face Ready

Greetings lovers.  We hope you’re well. But if you happen to be battling a nasty Rock deficiency, well you don’t want to let that go because it can leave a scar. Lucky for you we’ve got your medecine. We’ve dropped a few spankin new tracks on The Sounds page because we like you and don’t want to see you suffer needlessly!

We will be adding more rock goodness over the coming days as we buff and polish. Of course we’ll make a big to-do when they hit. But just to be safe it might be a good idea if you click on a couple of the buttons on the right and get all social with us!

Rock On sisters and brothers.

-The Lovely Savages

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