And Bubbles Came Up From The Sea… The Oakland Adventure.

Hello Gentlepeople,

The proverbial eagle has metaphorically landed in a mythical realm that happens to exist in a place called Oak Land. Though we usually shorten it to Oak’land or, my preference, Oakland. It’s Oaklandtageous. We’re fully on Oaklafied.

It’s been an interesting and dramatic 18 months. It would be like some kind of cautionary tail with all the turds and splices. But life is good, and music rules. So it should come as no surprise that it’s time to rock again.

And that brings news.

I’ve been jamming with a very cool drummer and dude named Bradly Blemker. Brad’s got an old school surfer drawl and a jump up and move around, slurry, pouncy, roof riding drum style. We’ve been chillin at a cramped, but actually kind of sweet sounding practice cave down in East Oakland, and damnableness if there isn’t a nice chunk of songs starting to jell.

The recording gear is set up, and we’re steaming out practice tapes and starching up jams nice and crisp.  Shant be long now my love. In the meantime, we’re going to use our glimmer charmin to trick a local establishment into letting us rock out in public for a while.  I’ll be getting back to you on that.


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