Bucket Of Bites – Purple Onion 66 Mix – BOOM!

Time Travel Snafu Yields Solid Rock Jam

So check this out.  The other night at rehearsal the guys were in the midst of some most righteous jamz and a damned vortex opened up in the floor and they fell in!  What happened next is a bit hazy but somehow they ended up doing an impromptu performance at the Purple Onion…  in 1966!

Yeah.  It was crazy alright.  But what’s crazier is that, as usual, Spanky had his handheld recording device on his person when the shit went down.  You can actually hear the space-time distortions on the recording.  It was such a blast, that they invoked the bad magics again to go back and film the video – which we now present for your enjoyment!

Bucket Of Bites – Purple Onion 66 Mix

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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