Dicing Riffs Like A Rock And Roll Ginsu


Get Your Face Ready

Greetings lovers. ¬†We hope you’re well. But if you happen to be battling a nasty Rock¬†deficiency, well you don’t want to let that go because it can leave a scar. Lucky for you we’ve got your medecine. We’ve dropped a few spankin new tracks on The Sounds page because we like you and don’t want to see you suffer needlessly!

We will be adding more rock goodness over the coming days as we buff and polish. Of course we’ll make a big to-do when they hit. But just to be safe it might be a good idea if you click on a couple of the buttons on the right and get all social with us!

Rock On sisters and brothers.

-The Lovely Savages

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2 Responses to Dicing Riffs Like A Rock And Roll Ginsu

  1. ed rooney says:

    that IS some rockin sound. I thought I heard guitar in there though… is that the “end plan” or is the twosome the way of the future?

  2. admin says:

    Hallo there!

    Thanks for asking! The tracks up right now are more or less demos of the old 3 piece version of the band. The short answer your question is yes: guiltar/drums twosome is the way of the future for the time being. As we speak the first batch new songs to unveil the latest sound are taking shape. Shooting to have some tasty rock and roll up here as the year turns over.

    Thanks for your kind words and checking in!

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