Lets Take This Party On The Road Shall We?

Large stack of speakersGreetings and welcome to the waining days of another pacific northwest wet-assed winter.
The gents are stoked because a) they finally have a van to take their rock juggernaught to the world! and b) they’re a hop and a skip from finishing their first non-homemade CD!  In the meantime, for a sneak preview check out the 45rpms up music.thelovelysavages.com.  (Shhh! Those 45s come with a bunch of secret bonus material.)

But wait! There is even more great stuff coming down the pipe…

More shows at our beloved Johnny B’s in Medford – the ONLY real rock & roll dive bar in southern Oregon. The last few shows at Johnny’s have been fucking superb: great crowds and kick-ass bands to share the stage with – and of course our favorite duo are killing their set every time.

Now that long distance transportation is in hand, work on weaseling into some of the regional summer festivals has commenced.  At least one looks quite promising and you can count on multiple changes of undies if it happens. On the club shows front, look for The Lovely Savages coming to Eugene, Portland, NorCal, and the coast this spring and summer.

Ok, mufukers. That’s the fact jack! As always stay Lovely yet Savage! Oh! And if you’ve got a line on a show for us, please do not hesitate to contact at inquire@thelovelysavages.com


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