Lock Up Your Mothers – The Lovely Savages Are Loose (wait.. what?)

View from the ribbon

Hey hey hey!

Lots of great shit on sliding down this side of the horizon.  The bosy have been recording their Lovely and Savage asses off, and they’re getting close enough to taste the rock bombasticity that will pour forth from their debut record.  In fact, keep your nose to the street people.  Cuz we’ll be dropping the first track next week…

TammyX3 (Oh!)

That’s right, that’s what the first jam is called.  Isn’t that a fucked up name?  Well, let me tell you, it’s a booty shaker!  The final mix touches are going down as we speak, and it’s headed to mastering this weekend.

Then you know what happens?  Well first you download it, then you involuntarily wet  your pants, then… the following week we drop another cut from the new record… Then you wet your pants again!  Fun!   We think that 2nd cut is going to be a tune called Country Singer, but don’t hold me to that.  There are a few in the running and the boys could change their mind.

The Lovely Savages Rock Local!

The gents played at Dorman’s, a favorite local watering hole a few weeks ago, and people loved them!  There was actually a pretty decent crowd considering it was 105 degrees out!  Just goes to show what people will put up with for bad-ass rock and roll.

Well, Dorman’s has changed hands and been renamed Phatty McGee’s.  But the good news is that the folks at Phatty’s were excited to have the guys come back!  So…  The Lovely Savages will be hosting the Jamland open mic on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  This is a blast because the guys get to throw down, and anybody who shows up with their axe, sticks, voice, can get up and do their thing too.  The last one was so much fun!  People were getting up and playing some really awesome stuff, and at the end we had a big blues jam.  Of course our fellas don’t really know how to play slow, so it was more of a roadhouse, running down the road, gonna see my girl, kind of thing.

Ok, that’s a wrap for now.  Keep it real!

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