The Birth of 2

Yeah.  Here we go!  We’re having us a summuh! and a blast it has been so far, playing more places, meeting more kick ass people, purveying more of our steamy, freaked out brand of rock and roll.  Here’s what we’ve got going on deck:

  • First and foremost…. We will have our first batch of our debut CD by August!  This little bastard is entitled “2”.  Oh man this has been a long time coming and if feels good.  This thing is pretty much as DIY as you can possibly get without buying a CD manufacturing facility – which is why it took so damn long finish.  It’s got more warts and pocks and chunks and bumps than all the inbred offspring of Quasimodo – but for all it’s flaws it has come together as a thing of savage beauty.  Nobody will confuse 2 for a slickly produced product of the corporate machine.  But when it steps out on that floor it’s all business, it’s business is rock and business is Good!  We hope you enjoy it!
  • Spreading our wings.  We’ve been lining up gigs at more places in our general area and through networking and general pestering, the schedule will include our first forays up and down the west coast.  Look for gigs in Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Redding, and whatever else we can come up with in between.  This is immensely exciting for us and what we’ve been working toward for the last year.
  • More rock.  We’ve got a whole whomp of songs that aren’t on the CD.  For now you’ll just have to come see us live if you want that goodness in your ear holes.

Ok, good people.  Now go out and rock!

– The Lovely Savages, July 2013

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